filler for nose reshaping

Many individuals dislike their nose to the extent that it begins to affect their daily lives and causes a negative impact on their self-esteem. In the past, a surgical rhinoplasty was the only possibility for a cosmetic improvement. However, with the rise in non-surgical treatments, many doctors untrained in the surgical art of rhinoplasty have been trying to use fillers to mimic the effects of a surgical rhinoplasty with little effect.

The use of a temporary filler to disguise imperfections in on the bridge of the nose is simply too limited a technique. Rhinoplasty is probably the most complex surgical procedure and the skills involved in producing a new shape to the nose which harmonises with the rest of the face require years of experience. The structural modifications required during surgery involve modifications to the bone, cartilage and skin using a multitude of techniques.

Adding a filler material to the nose to replace these techniques is extremely limited and in my experience produces sub-optimal results and a result that a patient is usually not quite happy with. I do not carry out injections of fillers into the nose because I see more unhappy patients than happy ones. In most cases, I am asked to revise the result and this either involves waiting over a year for the filler to spontaneously dissolve or to use hyaluronidase to dissolve the filler before planning a surgical rhinoplasty.

Fillers cannot reduce the size of a nose, cannot straighten a deviated nose, cannot elevate a droopy tip, cannot narrow a wide nose and cannot narrow a bulbous tip. At the most fillers can only disguise a minor dorsal hump or refine the slope of the nasal bridge. Even is such limited cases I find patients are usually unhappy and given that the treatment is only temporary I would advise against a treatment promoted heavily by an unregulated cosmetic industry and I would always seek advice from a fully trained and accredited plastic surgeon with experience in rhinoplasty to discuss what can and cannot be achieved and to gainfully informed advice.

Mr Jag Chana is a widely published member of the cosmetic community and has been invited to appear on a number of television shows for the BBC, Sky and Channel 5 as well as also being featured and quoted in numerous newspapers and magazines. If you would like more information on non-surgical nose reshaping treatment or any other cosmetic procedure both surgical and non-surgical then book your consultation with Mr Jag Chana today.


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