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Thanks to celebrity culture, having a large buttock is considered du jour – but for many women who are pear shaped or easily carry weight on their hips and bottoms, it can be undesirable and problematic.

Many women find that being bottom-heavy can have a negative impact on the overall appearance of their shape, and can even have difficulty with tasks like finding clothes to fit. For most women, the most desirable body type is an hourglass shape, or an even weight distribution across the body.

Fat reduction and body contouring surgery on the buttocks are therefore unsurprisingly popular. Patients of this nature are not often drastically overweight – rather, they look after themselves and pursue a healthy lifestyle, but find that this is where any excess weight naturally settles on them.

Although it is more common for women to seek body contouring surgery for the buttocks, procedures for men are far from unheard of. It’s genetically more likely for women to carry extra weight on their buttocks, but this is not always the case, and body contouring is often an effective and appropriate solution for all candidates.

What is the advantage of VASER liposuction for buttock reshaping?
Traditionally, the most effective way to reduce the appearance of fat in a targeted area like the buttocks was to undergo traditional liposuction. During this procedure, an incision is made in the skin, and the fat is ‘sucked out’ through a fine metal cannula through vigorous backwards and forwards manoeuvres which is often quite traumatic to the tissues.

Using Vaser liposelection ensures a smoother removal of fat from the body not only enhances results, but can also aid your recovery period in different ways compared to traditional liposuction. Because the body suffers less trauma under the use of Vaser compared to traditional liposuction, patients often experience less pain or tenderness during the recovery period.  Recovery periods are shorter, there is less bruising and discomfort along with enhanced skin retraction as compared to traditional liposuction.

Vaser liposuction was an innovate development for the cosmetic surgery sector just a few years ago, and has been embraced by practitioners all over the country. Mr Jag Chana was one of the first BAAPS accredited surgeons to invest in Vaser technology back in 2009, and is an advocate of the advantages of VASER technology and the breakthrough VASER has made for improved liposuction results.

How is buttock reshaping carried out using VASER?
Prior to the extraction of fat, the Vaser probe is inserted into the skin and, through the use of ultrasound technology, emulsifies the fat. This allows for easier and smoother extraction, which is performed by a second cannula. Once the liquefied fat has been taken from the body, the small incision in which the probe was inserted is closed with a small stitch.

The aim of the surgery is not simply to extract fat to reduce the size of the buttock but to reshape them at the same time. This is carried out by selectively removing fat from the outer buttock to narrow the buttocks and also to remove fat from the upper buttock and lower back. Removing fat from the lower back as it blends into the upper buttock lengthens the curve of the back and shortens the height of the buttock.  Removing fat from the flank or ’love handle’ area can help to remove the square appearance of the buttocks at the same time.  Therefore, there is an art to buttock reshaping and Mr Chana will assess each individual case in order to specifically tailor the fat removal to optimise the results.

What anaesthetic is required for VASER liposuction to the buttocks?
Vaser liposuction can sometimes be performed under sedation, but for a large treatment area like the buttocks, it is more than likely that Mr Chana will recommend you have the procedure under general anaesthetic.  Also, reshaping of the buttocks is associated with removing fat from the outer thighs and lower back which means large amounts of fat are usually removed. Therefore, a general anaesthetic is usually sensible. In fact, if large amounts of fat are removed under local anaesthetic this can involve more risk than a general anaesthetic since the very quantities of local anaesthetic can be toxic to the heart.

There has been controversy surrounding Vaser as some clinics have tried to market it as a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. VASER is true surgery and is invasive but simply gentler and more precise than traditional liposuction. Seeking an experienced, frank and trained expert in cosmetic surgery like Mr Jag Chana will ensure that your Vaser liposuction is performed with the utmost consideration for your safety and the quality of your results.

If you are interested in Vaser liposuction for your buttocks, you should book a consultation with Mr Chana. Here, he will be able to assess your individual needs and suggest a treatment plan.


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