male chest reduction

Mr. Chana presented his technique for Gynaecomastia correction at the European Plastic Surgery Conference (EURAPS).


Mr. Chana has one of the largest experience of using Vaser Liposuction for male chest reduction as a result of Gynaecomastia. Liposuction is an extremely useful modality for removing fat from the male chest and this has been greatly improved with the use of laser technology for Gynaecomastia.

The fat on the male chest is quite fibrous and traditionally standard liposuction can be quite traumatic. Vaser Liposuction has greatly facilitated this technique in allowing the fat to be ‘melted’ prior to its removal which means the technique is very effective in providing smooth contouring after surgery, with fewer risks of irregularities and faster recovery times. However, his study found that Vaser Liposuction was not effective at removing the firm glandular tissue behind the nipple. In fact, 40% of his patients were cases who were unhappy from having residual glandular tissue after being treated at other clinics by doctors who were untrained in plastic surgical techniques. These patients underwent corrective surgery under his care and this involved removing the gland using a very small incision adjacent to the nipple.

Mr. Chana recommends that this glandular tissue needs to be carefully assessed prior to surgery. Many patients need this gland tissue removed at the time of surgery to provide the result that is expected. It is not suitable for this surgery to be carried out under local anaesthetic since the gland cannot be removed under local anaesthetic. This is in contrast to the many advertised claims of vaser removal of fat from the male chest at the small commercial cosmetic chains and clinics.

The results of his study indicate the use of Vaser Liposuction is most effective in combination with the gland excision in a large number of patients.

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