Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is a technique which uses a device called a piezotome and is therefore also often referred to as piezo-rhinoplasty. The device used for this technique delivers ultrasonic energy very precisely which targets only the bone and does not damage the surrounding soft tissue. It avoids the use of hammers and chisels which can be less precise and cause more collateral soft tissue damage.

The advantages are therefore :


  • Precision in the bone sculpting and reduction in bony dorsal humps
  • Coarse instruments such as hammers and chisels are not needed
  • Less collateral soft tissue damage
  • Less bruising and swelling
  • Enhanced bone healing


The manner in which the device works is very advanced and uses an electric current to produce high frequency oscillations in piezo-electric crystals. This high frequency energy is then transferred to the working tips of the device where contact with the bone results in precision sculpting depending on the type of tip used . In some cases of rhinoplasty this sculpting may mean that the bones do not always need to be broken in the same way as if hammers and chisels are used.

The avoidance of hammers and chisels also reduces the risk of small unwanted splinters of bone and irregularities . It has also been shown in scientific studies that bone healing after piezo-surgery is enhanced.

As a result of these advantages there is considerably less bruising and early swelling with this technique. Often when the cast is removed there is hardly any bruising at all.

The video below is a typical example of the recovery at 1 week . You can see how there is very little bruising and swelling. In this patient a dorsal hump was reduced and a tip refinement was performed. You can observe in the video how she describes no bruising and pain after her procedure. Of course a few patients may be unlucky and develop a bruise but on overall the degree of bruising and swelling is far less than conventional rhinoplasty techniques where the eyes may be totally black and blue for up to two weeks. In the next video below you can see her final result when she has fully healed.


Watch the video of my patient only 1 week after an ultrasonic rhinoplasty


This video below shows the same patient when she has fully healed . Her nose does not look like it has been operated on and is a very natural result which is totally in proportion to her face simply enhancing her beauty.

Watch the video below of the same patient and her late result 9 months after surgery



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