What is the best type of facelift surgery for men?

The best form of facelift surgery in men is undoubtedly a deep plane facelift. This facelift technique reduces the amount of skin undermining which is so often the cause of an unnatural sweep to the skin that can result in an abnormal male appearance and which can feminise the face. Instead the deep plane technique is designed to elevate the deeper tissues to restore their normal more youthful position. Since in men the skin and soft tissues are heavier around the jowls and jawline this form of surgery provides a more effective and natural lifted male appearance.

What are the usual facial ageing concerns in men?

In men the main concerns relate to laxity along the jawline and jowl formation which obscures the underlying strong jawline which is a defining feature of the male face. There is also laxity and folds in the cheek skin which if severe can cause difficulty shaving. Depending on age there may be some hollowness in the mid-cheek which can cause a gaunt appearance which is quite ageing. In the neck apart from loose skin there may be loose muscle which causes muscle bands. In other men the neck is heavy with excess fat both under the skin as well as in the deeper tissues. om loose skin there may be loose muscle which causes muscle bands. In other men the neck is heavy with excess fat both under the skin as well as in the deeper tissues. 

What does a male facelift achieve?

The benefits are:

  • a sharper and more youthful masculine jawline 
  • removal of jowlsand jawline laxity 
  • improvement in laxity and folds in the cheek
  • a less heavy neck when combined with a necklift

How is the male deep plane facelift performed ?

The surgery is perfomed by making an incision around the ear, both in front and behind, preserving the natural hairline and anatomy of the ear.The skin undermining is not as extensive as in a standard facelift. The deeper SMAS tissue is elevated extensively and the space under the SMAS tissue is entered. This deep dissection is why the procedure is called a deep plane facelift. There are ligaments in this deep space which are released.  Releasing these ligaments is key since this allows a complete mobilisation of the tissues giving freedom to move the tissues freely. The deep player is then elevated and fixed in a more youthful position correcting the jowls,skin laxity around the cheek and jawline. In men there is very often laxity in the neck and usually a neck lift is required in combination for optimal results. This involves a short scar under the chin

Where are the scars in male facelift surgery ?

The scars are placed differently in men due to the beard area. This is hidden in the sideburn area and extends downwards just in front of the ear. In women, the scar is located in the curves and on the edge of the tragus but if this was performed in men the hairbearing cheek skin would move onto the tragus and too close onto the ear making it difficult to shave. The scar also extends in the groove behind the ear and then down along the edge of the hairline behind the ear.

How are natural results achieved with male facelift surgery ?

One of the most important aspects is to maintain a masculine appearance and avoid feminisation of the face. One of the biggest fear of any patient is to have an unnatural result. The best result is one where no one notices you have had surgery but you look younger and refreshed with better defined features.   This is achieved through the unique advantages of a deep plane facelift approach where the primary lift is achieved by releasing the deep ligaments of the face thereby allowing lifting with a true anatomical restoration of the more youthful position of the deep soft tissue structures of the face. The key is avoidance of excessive tension on the skin which is the commonest cause of unnatural results. 

The direction of lift is also important since excessive midcheek elevation can cause an unnatural eyelid appearance especially when smiling where this can appear more feminine. The same is true if there is hollowness in the cheek area. In this situation it would be appropriate to use fat transfer techniques to restore the volume but too much fat transfer can also can result in a high cheek eminence which is more of a feminine characteristic.

Adjunctive procedures such as eyelid surgery are also best perfomed more conservatively and in a manner which avoids an eyelid slant. 

What ancillary procedures can be performed with the facelift ?

The commonest procedure to be performed with the facelift is a necklift. This can range from a muscle tightening of the platysma muscle or in addition liposuction, and deep neck work.

other ancillary procedures that may be performed together with  facelift include:

  • upper and lower blepharoplasty
  • fat transfer
  • browlift
  • chin implants

What are the recovery issues in men ?

You can read more about the recovery from facelift surgery on the following link ( link to male facelift page )but in general it is more difficult to conceal brusining in men. This is beacuse women usually have longer hair and can use make up and concealer to cover early bruising. It is normally advisable for men to grow their hair just a little onger especially around the ears to help conceal the scars early in the healing phase. 

There is some temporary numbness in the skin and so you would need to be careful shaving to avoid cutting yourself. An electrive shave is usually advised until the feeling in the skin returns. Since some of the beard area can move back behind the earlobe you may have to shave in this area in the future.

When should I expect to see the final results ?

You will look your best at between three to six months. Following surgery an improvement in a better defined jawline and improvement in laxity in the cheek is to be expected. Often jowl formation and laxity causes a heavy lower face which is reversed by the faceliift surgery. An improvement in the laxity in the neck occurs at the same time when combined with a necklift since a sharpeneing in the contours both below the jawline and above the jawline provides a synergistic effect in the overall result.
Some lines around the mouth may remain since these are natural lines of expression . An elimination of these lines can result in an unusual and mask like appearance which is a tell tale sign of having had surgery since normal facial expression changes. The best results are those where nobody realise you have had surgery but your appearance is refreshed and you look more youthful and vibrant.

As a man why should I see Mr Jag Chana for a facelift ?

Mr Chana is a highly experienced Plastic Surgeon who has been performing facial surgery for over 25 years. His background is in complex forms of facial reconstruction and he therefore has a true understanding and experience of facial surgery. There is a tendency in younger surgeons to simply offer one procedure and promote this as their expertise. I.e "I only perform facelift surgery and therefore I am am an expert and more experienced than every other surgeon ?" In fact often the reverse is true and the reason that a single procedure is promoted is because there is a lack of confidence and deficient training in other procedures amongst a younger generation of surgeons. Facial rejuvenation is not one single procedures since it involves an understanding of all types of eyelid and brow surgery, fat transfer techniques, facial implants, lip surgery, skin lasers, chemical peels etc.

Mr Chana also performs rhinoplasty surgery which is one of the most demanding aesthetic procedures where differences between a male anatomy and female anatomy is even more critical. He therefore has a true understanding of anatomical details and differentiating the nuances of male versus female anatomy. But also a nose tip can drop with age and an elevation of the nose tip can enhance and provide a complimentary rejuvenation togther with a male facelift. This is similar to how a lip lift can enhance a fenale facelift.

There has also been a huge advance in regenerative techniques for anti ageing. This is in the field of nanofat transfer and stem cell transfer to reverse the signs of the ageing skin. Mr Chana is at the forfront of these techniques and has one of the largest experiences in the UK in combining this new technology with facelift surgery. You can read more about this on the following link .

How much does a male facelift cost ?

An individual quote is always provided after a consultation. The reason for this is that every patient has a unique and tailored plan for surgery which may include ancillary procedures.
The next step I to make an appointment for a consultation. At this consultation Mr Chana will discuss with your concerns and arrive at an overall plan for the surgery.
You will also have a meeting with our specialist nurse who will follow through all the pre-surgical and post surgical care plan .
Please call us on 0203 874 2064 to arrange a consultation or alternatively complete the consultation form below.

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