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PlexR skin treatment / eyelid lift

PlexR is a new technology which uses plasma energy to tighten the skin and produce new collagen formation. This effect on the skin may be used for small degrees of skin tightening which can be used as a form of non surgical rejuvenation in areas of the face such as the eyelids, facial wrinkles and lines around the mouth. It may also be used for treating some forms of blemishes , skin tags and and non-cancerous moles.

The advantage of seeing Mr Chana is that he is experienced in facial rejuvenation both from a surgical and non-surgical perspective. Therefore, he can provide an accurate assessment of whether PlexR treatment is suitable for you while at the same time advising on other possible options that may provide better results. In this way you will be fully informed and will not be pushed into a treatment that you may not be suitable for simply because surgical options or other treatments are not offered by the clinic.  

How does Plasma energy work ?

The energy from the PlexR device splits the molecules of air into negative and positive particles which is a process called ionisation. All materials exist as solids, liquids or gases but when ionisation of the air particles occurs it results in a ‘fourth’ state of matter called ‘plasma’ .

plexr skin treatment

When the energy is emitted from the tip of the device the plasma energy is transmitted across a half a millimetere distance from the tip of the device and the skin. This can be likened to a micro ‘lightening bolt’ which acts directly onto the surface of the skin. A selective degree of energy is also transmitted into the deeper layer of the skin called the dermis which is where the collagen is situated.

The effect of the plasma energy on the skin causes:

  • contraction of the collagen fibers
  • reorganization of the collagen fibres
  • new collagen being formed
  • renewal of the epidermal surface layer of the skin

What is Plexr plasma treatment used for ?

The plasma effect on the skin can be used as a form of non-surgical skin tightening in areas where there are small degrees of skin laxity such as the eyelids ( non-surgical blepharoplasty)  , minor facial wrinkles, and fine lines around the mouth.

It can also be used for stretch marks, certain types of skin lesions, skin tags and warts


What are the advantages of PlexR treatment ?

The main advantage of PlexR plasma treatment is that it has a minimal downtime compared to other forms of energy devices used to treat the skin such as certain types of skin lasers. The treatment can be carried out under local anaesthetic using topical cream.

Local anaesthetic cream
Treatment time
45 minutes
Hospital stay
walk in / walk out
Time off work
1 week
Full recovery
2 weeks
Best results
3 to 6 months
Price from
£650 non surgical blepharoplasty
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